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"Sara Millis is a great mentor. She is encouraging, clear thinking and helps me focus on the key issues to develop my business. A monthly mentor session with her has made a huge difference to my yarn business already this year. I can thoroughly recommend her help."

- Caroline from Gorgeous Yarns

Does this sound familiar?

  • I'm struggling to turn my hobby into a business and I have no-one who understands what I'm trying to do!
  • I've been wanting to grow my business to replace my day job for so long!
  • I have ideas on how to grow my business, but I'm not sure what to try next!
  • I've relaunched to grow my sales, but it's flopped!

Soul destroying right? I hear you.

I know how overwhelming and isolating running a small business can be... I've been there! Let me break that cycle of frustration and upset and work with you on what's holding you back, so that you can create goals that help you reach your ideal success.



My name is Sara and I have 11 years of experience in selling handmade products online and at shows; turning a £100 investment into almost 7 figures of turnover. I eventually sold my craft business to take My Indie Life Blog full-time. Now I help others follow in my footsteps and turn their hobby into a sustainable business, through my books, courses and coaching plans.

Since starting My Indie Life Blog I have helped hundreds of small businesses with my free and paid-for services.

What Is My Indie Life Blog?

In 2017 the creative market saw a boom in start-ups, but the unfortunate reality is that most will fail before the start of 2018. Why? Because many of them do not understand that building a solid business foundation and strategy for growth, should be the underpinning of their launch plan.

My Indie Life Blog was founded by Sara Millis to help creative entrepreneurs find answers to those basic business questions that elude them, so that they can build strategic foundations to achieve the success their talent deserves.

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"I’ve just started some coaching with Sara, and am finding my motivation and focus has improved dramatically, and that’s just after the first session!"

— Natalie of Knatters Knits

How does coaching work?

Coaching varies from person to person, business to business and so I tailor my guidance dependent on several factors we discuss in our first session. This being said I like to start our work with a plan of action;

  • Session 1 - getting to know you and your business and what your biggest struggles are.
  • Session 2 - working on a map of our journey together. Mapping out your goals.
  • Session 3 - working on time blocking and workflow, so you have time to work on your business goals each week.
  • Session 4+ - starting your first growth project

I work in this way because I believe that to add value to your learning and business we need to first take a step back, tighten up our foundations and then start moving ahead on a path to success.

What qualifies you to coach me?

Before running my own craft business I was a Fashion and Textile Designer working for British Fashion Designers. It was my role to design, sample and oversee production of their collections. This taught me a number of aspects pertinent to a larger business, from; customer and competitor research, branding, designing ranges that sold (including range planning), sales techniques/marketing, production management and quality control.

Moving on to my own handmade craft business I learnt a lot more about on-line vs in person sales, social media, marketing, passive vs non passive revenue building, audience building, finances, web design, customer service, systems, strategy and mindset.

I believe that my experience gives me a good gut-instinct and plenty of real-life situations to draw from.

My aim is to coach in a way that is clear, focused and motivating, so that you feel MOTIVATED + CONFIDENT + SUCCESSFUL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Sessions Work?
I run coaching sessions between 9:30-12pm Monday to Friday. Each call lasts approx. 30 minutes. I use Zoom, Skype, or Facebook video/voice call services, so you don't need invest in anything. You will need to enable your speakers, microphone and webcam (if you choose to) on your desktop, laptop or smart device to receive the call. It's very easy to use and I can talk you through it. Missed or late call attendance: Please notify me at least 24 hours before a meeting if you need to change your call day/time. I will wait no longer than 10 minutes for attendees to join the meeting. If after that time the attendee is still missing I will end the call. This action will not result in a refund or a reschedule to you, as it will cover my time. So make sure you set any alarms you need to, to attend on time.
When does coaching start and finish?
Depending on your subscription plan you will be required to take your sessions in; - Month to Month Plan = 1 session within each 30 day period - Annual Plan - 12 sessions within each 12 month period
What if I’m a brand new business... is coaching for me?
I am more than happy to start coaching from the grass roots so that you have everything in place to start off the right way.
How long before I can expect results?
Meaningful results in your business take time, there is no way to avoid that and as each client will have a different business model and practices it is impossible for me to give exact time frames. I do however, give advice based on my expertise from past experience. Your business results will depend heavily on your own decision-making, work-ethic and accuracy of customer understanding. You ultimately are responsible for the path of your business and I am not liable for decisions you make to follow or ignore any advice given.
Refunds and Subscription Cancellations
You can cancel your subscription at anytime, however no refunds will be made on 1-2-1 sessions already undertaken. There is a 15 day cancellation period if you would like a refund and haven't yet taken your first session, otherwise you will be required to take the sessions as booked and paid for. So; - Month to Month Plan - 1 session in the 30 day period from your enrolment date - Annual Plan - 12 sessions from your enrolment date No partial refunds are available on the Month to Month plan, however the Annual plan does allow for a partial refund if you have 6 or less sessions left.
Why do I have to pay VAT?
V.A.T. or Value Added Tax is only applicable in certain countries, so if your country does not charge you VAT on your purchases you will not be charged this at the checkout. VAT is only charged at the rate applied to you by your country under the recently introduced digital transaction laws of 2016. Any funds received as VAT will be surrendered to your country's government during the same tax year.
Confidentiality, Honesty and Transparency
Everything you and I share in our sessions, or via email is strictly confidential. I make notes after each session and this is stored on my secure hard drive. I require full and honest disclosure about your business during each session in order to build an accurate picture of your current practices, so that I can help you plan a path to success. In return I am fully honest and transparent about my guidance and expertise.
What if I have questions in between sessions?
I am available via email if you have questions, or queries in between each session.
I am an independent consultant and as your coach I can make no guarantees on results gained from your business decisions and as such I am not liable for any results you may or may not achieve. Craft business coaching sessions are not therapy or counselling, so whilst our business talk may move into areas of personal mindset I cannot provide you with personal therapy, counselling, medical advice or coaching.

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